Jan Gaudaen

[email protected]

Industry Experience:
Federal Government Defense and Civilian Agencies
–    Information Technology
–    Cyber Security
–    Enterprise Infrastructure
–    Application Development
–    Large Scale System Development
–    Modeling and Simulation

Functional Experience:
Being a Program Director/Program Manager of large, complex Information Technology Programs has provided me the expertise in multiple functional areas critical to program management such as customer relations, finance, contract/subcontract management, procurement, organizational development, risk management, human capital and governance.  

Key Business Transactional Experience:
I have extensive experience in financial actions involving multi-million dollar Programs. This includes, forecasting, estimating, funding pipeline, revenue, cost, profit levers, vendor financial management and negotiating.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
As a Program Director, I am well versed in developing vision and strategy for long-term success of an organization. I then lead the program organization down the path of implementation of that strategy. From a technology perspective, I have experience and extensive knowledge managing enterprise IT environments and leading consolidations. Additionally, I have working knowledge of the multiple Cyber Security challenges and many of the constraints companies face both technically and legally.