Mission and Overview:

The Workforce Development Committee (WDC) assists WIT members and their guests in optimizing their careers and planning career transitions. WDC provides programs, networking opportunities, and resources to build the skills and knowledge to achieve greater career success and leadership. We present 2 to 3 programs monthly and offer many ways to learn while contributing.

Committee Volunteering Opportunities:

WDC welcomes new people to the committee to make new connections, contribute to the group, and have some fun. We need people to assist with conceptualizing, planning, organizing, marketing and executing our programs. Join us for our monthly meetings to find out how you can enhance your leadership skills and add new colleagues to your personal network!

For more information please contact:

Sarah Sims
Chair, Workforce Development
[email protected]

Becky Van Niman
Vice Chair, Workforce Development
[email protected]


Below are photos taken at the February 29, 2016 Workforce Development Event