Mission and Overview:

The Women in Technology’s Young Professionals (WIT YP) welcomes women of all ages but focuses on the needs of women in the first 15 years of their career as they ascend the professional ladder into leadership positions. We seek to promote an inclusive tech sector by making room for women and minorities at all levels. Women early in their careers or in transition have unique professional needs. We cater to those needs through fun and educational programming coupled with strategic partnerships.

We offer networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities focused on helping WIT members navigate the challenges of a new professional career and preparing members for a long, happy and successful career.

There are a number of opportunities to engage from planning and/or attending programing, writing for the WIT blog, volunteering, engaging with girls interested in tech, etc. The possibilities are endless and we encourage every member to create new ways for WIT YP to reach the tech community and serve young professionals in this space.

For more information please contact:

Briana Jamison
Chair, Young Professionals SIG
[email protected]

Vice Chair, Young Professionals SIG

Amber Hart
WIT Board Member and Chair, WIT.Connect Committee
[email protected]